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Women Empowerment

The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia. In modern India, where some women have held high offices on one hand including that of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Lok Sabha and Leader of the Opposition. Still, most “common women” aren’t aware of women rights in India and other times their legal rights are not protected as they should be. Women empowerment plays a significant role in letting them know their right. Lack of awareness about their – legal rights and systems, procedures and avenues to access them support continuation of an unequal, gender insensitive social fabric that discriminates against women in India has placed it as the fourth most dangerous place for women in the world. The extent of empowerment of women is determined largely by three factors – her economic, social and political identity-and these remain at the core of all Child Survival India interventions. Two of CSI’s major programmes are solely devoted to advocating social change on each of these fronts. 

Provide required skills through vocational training in non-traditional areas of employment. Facilitate holistic development and enhance employability by imparting life-skill training. Provide the necessary resources and infrastructure to ensure the training provided is relevant and impactful. Create avenues for employment by increasing awareness about ANEW and its programs amongst prospective employers.

Action For Child Relief

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